Sunday, 31 May 2009

Black-tailed Skimmers & Emperors Now Flying

I took the family to Stanwick Lakes and within minuted of arriving we found the first Black-tailed Skimmer emerging low down amoung the grasses of the pits sorrounding the ranger's hut. The photo above shows one with the characteristic glassy wings of a recently emerged adult. I estimated about 20+ adults were emerging. Also seen:

Common Blue Damselfy 1000+
Red-eyed Damselfy ~100
Hairy Dragonfly ~3
Four-spotted Chaser ~4
Banded Demoiselle ~500 on all areas of the River Nene.
Blue-tailed Damselfly ~100

I was hoping to find Scarce Chaser here, as they are only a few km up the road. Alas, I saw none.

I have received records from Mark Piper & Nick Roberts who report:

"We explored a number of sites on the Nene west of Northampton today May 30th. In addition we explored ditches and pools around the Swan Valley Industrial Estate complex close to the M1 15A junction. Highlight of the Swan Valley trip was the discovery of ~5 Beautiful Demoiselles (inc. 2-3 males) in a drainage channel at OS SP721586. An atypical site shared with several Banded Demoiselles and within view of factories and housing estates. So the Beautiful Demoiselle has now reached Northampton itself. In addition a female Hairy Dragonfly was seen along this channel, another 2 males were patrolling a lake nearby at OS SP723584. Also in the Swan Valley area were good numbers of White-legged Damselflies along the ditches and canal, more interestingly several were in cop. around the lake where the 2 male Hairy D's were seen. Very good numbers of Red-eyed Damselflies were also seen, 1 Four-Spotted Chaser and 10+ Broad-bodied Chasers. The R.Nene near Kislingbury at OS SP708596 gave a female Hairy Dragonfly and a cracking male Emperor Dragonfly. Again several White-legged and Red-eyed Damselflies were seen"