Friday, 22 April 2011

More Dragonflies appear

With the hot weather still with us (and set to continue for a while), the Spring emerging dragonflies are starting to appear. In a normal year, only the Large Red Damselfly will have emerged so far. This year though, I have received the following extra records:

Graham Bentley reports a Four-Spotted Chaser at Fermyn Wodds Country Park on 21 April (see photo above).

Darryl Sutcliffe found a recently emergered Hairy Dragonfly at Stanwick Lakes on the same day.

The last good April ws in 2007, when we saw 8 species on the wing by the end of the month. With three so far, we are on track to meet this. Mind you, the remainder of 2007 was poor with severe floods over many parts of the UK, so I hope this spell of good weather doesn't signal the same event this year.