Monday, 28 May 2012

Finedon Pocket Park

I've been visiting the Pocket Park at Finedon every week since the beginning of the season (and for several weeks before hand). In March, the pond dried out during the drought, and then filled to overflowing during the April & May rains. My fears were that the dry pond had lead to the demise of the larvae especially as all my visits including the last visited on 24 May and saw no activity. Today, I visited again expecting to see nothing but was stunned by the change. The water was buzzing with ovipositing Azure Damselflies, probably 40+ individuals. One Four-spotted Chaser was perched watching its territory until a female came along and they promptly mated and ovipositing ensued. Searching around the pond, I found Common Blues, Blue-tails and Large Reds as well as a single male Hairy Dragonfly hunting along the hedges - a first for this site. So, my concerns were unfounded and the drying of the pond, other than delaying activity, appears to have had no long term affect on the odonata at this site.