Saturday, 30 June 2012

Red-veined Darters return to Northants

The weather forecast on TV explained that the sand being deposited on our cars is from the Sahara,which is often a good sign that migrant dragonflies are around. So I have been on the look out for any to appear - some have already shown up in neighbouring Warwickshire. On Friday, during a routine visit to Finedon Pocket Park, I spotted a very yellow Darter with grey eyes and black legs - classic colouration of a female Red-veined Darter. Today, I visited a site that has been under watch for a while for just this event and, although quite windy, saw three bright red male Red-veined Darter (see photos above). These are the first sightings since those in 2009 at Upton (these are not at Upton though). Also present were 30+ Black-tailed Skimmer, ovipositing Emperor, Four-spotted Chaser, and the usual Damselflies.

Keep a watch out across the County as I am sure other RVDs will appear. The gravel around the newer lakes at Stanwick Lakes offer potential as do any shallow ponds with bare surrounds. Upton may again yield more.