Friday, 31 May 2013

Scarce Chasers now emerging at Wadenhoe

During last year's poor spring, the Scarce Chasers on the Nene started to emerge around 24 May. This year, with the even worse spring, I saw the first ones today, 1 week late. I did think that by now the dragonflies would have caught up with the weather, but we are still about 1 week behind schedule. I managed to find just two tenerals, so there are still plenty more to come and the predicted good weather this weekend may see a mass emergence. Also present were 100+ Banded Demoiselle (a good increase on the 30 last weekend), a handful of Large Red Damselflies and a single Azure Damselfly.


Close-up of the wings

Male Banded Demoiselle eating a Stonefly