Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Recent sightings to 18 June

Chris Emary reports Hairy Dragonflies at Greens Norton Pocket Park near Towcester, including one ovipositing. This is an amazing record and great for Hairys in the west of the County.

Alison Lowe reports the first Southern Hawkers emerging at Sulby Gardens. I still haven't seen or had any reports of Emperors or Black-tailed Skimmers, perhaps this weekend will show some!

At Whitestone Ponds, Twywell Hills & Dales, I recorded my first Broad-bodied Chasers, when a female buzzed the main pond twice looking for a male, only to get bored and  disappear just before the male arrived. Also present were 5 Hairy Dragonflies including an ovipositing female, many Large Reds and Azure Damelflies and an ovipositing Four-spotted Chaser.