Saturday, 3 August 2013

Migrant Hawkers, Common Darters and Chasers

As we enter August, many traditionally spring species are still around. The delayed spring seems to have shifted the flight seasons a bit. I saw Scarce Chaser on the Nene at Wadenhoe today, although it was too windy for any shots. Scarce Chasers do survive into August with Terry Wood recording one around the 4th last year, but this is a personal first for me though.  As were the Broad-bodied Chasers at Twywell on the 1st, including this old pruinescent female ovipositing.

Common Darters are increasing in numbers and the first records of Migrant Hawkers have been received. First of the year goes to Mark Piper with a male at Brampton Wood on 28 July. Other records have been received from Stuart Page on the River Ise and Tony Vials at Summer Leys and Terry Wood near the Nene at Polebrook on 1 August. Still no records of Small Red-eyed Damselflies though.

Pruinescent female Broad-bodied Chaser ovipositing

Male Broad-bodied Chaser - still in good condition

Male Common Darter