Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Maxey Pits and elsewhere

I took the long(ish) drive to Maxey at the weekend, hoping to find some Red-veined Darters. While it was a bit windy, there were plenty of Black-tailed Skimmers along the footpath by the newer gravel workings and I came across my first two Common Darters of the year. In the fishing pits, there were still a few Variable Damselflies left, including a couple of ovipositing pairs. This is the latest they have been seen in our area. A couple of Ruddy Darters were sunning themselves on the ground. Along Maxey Cut, were many Banded Demoiselle and surprisingly 8 Brown Hawkers and two ovipositing Emperors. No Red-veined Darters though. I'll look elsewhere, although I don't know of too many sightings other than down south so there may not be a major influx this year.

John Windust has been out and about and recorded Southern Hawkers at Fermyn Woods, Ruddy Darters and several ovipositing Emperors.

Terry Wood visited Lyveden New Bield and recorded many Black-tailed Skimmers, Emperors, Four-spotted Chasers and the usual damselflies.

Ovipositing Emperors at Stanwick Lakes (John Windust)

Southern Hawker at Fermyn Woods (John Windust)

Azure Damselfly

Variable Damselfly at Maxey Pits

Ruddy Darter at Maxey Pits