Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ruddy Darters

The coldest June for several years has kept dragonfly numbers to a low level as well as reducing time to go out and see then, never-the-less when the sun comes out there is still plenty of action to see.

At Wadenhoe, numbers of Scarce Chasers were good, with approximately 1 male per 10m of river bank and three mating pairs. Plenty of territorial clashes were happening due to the high male density. Banded Demoiselle numbers were lower than I expected form this time of year, with only around 200 present.

Tony Vials reported finding a female Scarce Chaser at Irthlingborough Pits last weekend, so I visited at lunchtime to try and fin more. Entering from the town side, the first section of the river showed 1 male, so I am hopeful that there are more and that colonisation has begun. I was very impressed by the new ditch on the left of the pathway. While watching a male Broad-bodied Chaser, I saw two Ruddy Darters take their first flights. The ditch showed 4 more male Chasers, a couple of Four-spotted Chasers and an Emperor. The ditch on the right is now fenced off, but is so overgrown with reedmace that it's value has declined. I worry that the same will happen to this new one as there are already signs of reedmace growth here.

I took my customary trip to Greens Norton to see the Beautiful Demoiselles. About 20 adults were in attendance including a mating pair - my first sight of this, but they just would not settle for a photo. I also retrieved an exuvia.

Scarce Chasers, River Nene Wadenhoe

Beautiful Demoiselle, River Tove, Greens Norton