Monday, 26 October 2015

End of October Update

A glance down the Hot News page on the BDS website ( shows that some southern counties are still showing reasonable numbers of species, more than we are here in Northants. There are even good numbers of Willow Emeralds in Norfolk and Red-veined Darters elsewhere. Back home, the decline is well under way though with only 2 species left now. Reported sightings are few and far between and I must admit, I only tend to go out once a week to chart the decline. I still aim to find Migrants into November and a target of getting Common Darters into December is still to be achieved. Today (26/10), the weather was really clear although a bit breezy and the dragons at Ditchford were hard to find. I first spotted a female Migrant Hawker buzzing around the grassland, and only realised she was a she when she landed in the brambles to soak up some sun. Her first landing site was low down with a very messy background, but then for some reason she moved and landed in a much better place for me. I managed to get an in flight shot that showed her with a meal. I watched her fly around with this bug in her jaws, and drop the inedible wings. There were plenty of strange moth-like bugs around so it must have been one of them. Also on these brambles were 4-5 Common Darters including this old female.