Sunday, 12 June 2016

Scarce Chasers still emerging

Terry & Judy Wood visited Lyveden New Bield for the first time since 2014, and recorded a Scarce Chaser on territory. Back in 2014, they also recorded this species and it is possible they are breeding in the linear ponds there. This may also be the source of the Fermyn Woods individual seen by Roland Bogush. They also saw plenty of Four-spotted Chasers, 3 Hairys (a first for this site), Large Red, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed and over 200 Azure Damselflies. This sounds like a great site and well worth a visit, oh and you also get to see the beautiful unfinished mansion as well. 

David Warner reports seeing 6 Beautiful Demoiselle at Harlestone Heath, by the railway line. There is a fast flowing stream here accessible via the golf course. This colony have now been present for a good number of years and appear to be well established.

At Wadenhoe, I found 10 emerging Scarce Chasers, which is quite late for them, with only 1 male on territory. Hundreds of Banded Demoiselle were also present along with a single Hairy.

We may soon be buying a small boat to pootle along the Nene and are trying to pick up ideas on the best places to visit, so we took a walk along the navigable section of the Nene at Stanwick Lakes between the lock and the footbridge. There were thousands of Banded Demoiselle present in the marginal vegetation and at territory over the water. When the sun came out (through thunder stormy clouds), the activity levels increased dramatically. I scanned the margins hoping for a Scarce Chaser, but could find none. One of my planned uses for the boat is to count all male Chasers from Oundle, where we hope to keep the boat, to Stanwick while my wife drives!

Common Blue with a bent abdomen

Mating Blue-tailed Damselflies, with a female of the rufescens obsoleta colour form

Make Scarce Chaser at Wadenhoe

Recently emerged Scarce Chaser, Wadenhoe

Recently emerged Scarce Chaser, Wadenhoe

Recently emerged Scarce Chaser, Wadenhoe

Recently emerged Scarce Chaser, Wadenhoe

Male Banded Demoiselle, Wadenhoe