Thursday, 17 August 2017

August update

I haven't posted for about 1 month now because I have spent every lunchtime at Finedon looking for the Willow Emeralds. Since they emerged in the east from the end of June, I have been expecting them at Finedon and making near daily visits to search for them but without any success. Last year they were seen in Bedfordshire and adults were recorded at the same sites over the weekend (12-13 Aug), so I am expecting them to appear at Finedon any day now. Still, there are plenty of other species to see.

I saw 30+ Migrant Hawkers at Finedon and they are appearing elsewhere including back gardens all over the county. Southern Hawkers are now showing well at Fermyn Woods, and Small Red-eyed Damselflies are cropping up at Weldon, Deene Park, Irthlingborough, Lyvedon New Bield and Barnwell Country Park. I even found a male and female at Finedon, which are new to this site. Common Darters are now around in good numbers, but Emperors and Brown hawkers are still present, although in declining numbers.

I'll keep looking for the Willow Emeralds and will of course post updates.

Immature male Migrant Hawker

Common Darter

Ovipositing ;pair of Common Darters



Mating pair of Emerald Damselflies

Ovipositing Emperor