Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Hawkers and Darters

I saw my first Brown Hawker on Sunday, along the River Nene at Ringstead. This is about two weeks later than usual for me, although they probably emerged on schedule. The river was full of Scarce Chasers, and with Darryl Sutcliffe's sightings along the Nene at Thorpe Waterville, must make several hundred seen over this stretch of the river - quite amazing for early July when this species are on the decline. At Wadenoe today, there were good numbers too including a couple of mating pairs, Brown Hawkers and Emperors including an ovipositing female.

During a lunchtime walk along the River Ise at Burton Latimer, I saw my first Common Darter, which just leaves Emerald Damselflies and Migrant Hawkers to go!

Mating Scarce Chasers at Wadenhoe