Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Quiet Period

I always consider mid July to mid August as the quiet period in the dragonfly season. Not because there are fewer species around, but because those species that are present are seen in smaller numbers. Common Blues are significantly down, as are Four-spotted Chasers. Even Banded Demoiselles are less numerous along gthe Nene. The main hawkers present - Emperor and Brown are extremely territorial so are only seen in ones or may be twos. Things do pick up when Common Darters become common and Migrant Hawkers appear in their hundreds in late August.

Sywell Reservoir is showing a good variety of the usual species at the moment, as are Ditchford, Titchmarsh and Summer Leys. Mark Piper reports good numbers of Emerald Damselflies and Ruddy Darters are Ravensthorpe ponds, and Darryl Sutcliffe has found more Beautiful Demoiselles on the lower stretches of the Brampton Valley Way. 

Four-spotted Chaser

Common Blue Damselflies (female of the blue form)

Ovipositing Emperor

Ruddy Darter

Common Darter