Sunday, 28 May 2017

May Bank Holiday

I have received lots of records this week, mainly through the Northants Dragonflies facebook group, as well as adding my own.

Darryl Sutcliffe reported this year's first Beautiful Demoiselle on the Brampton Valley Nene, with records of adults around the Brampton Holt railway station. Based on this I visited Hanging Houghton and found 4 (3 females and a male) along the footpath heading north towards the A508. Pete Burditt report adults in the Boughton Grange area.

John Showers, Northants Diptera Recorder, visited Ditchford Lakes and saw the year's first Emperor and more excitingly an immature Scarce Chaser in the meadow. I hope this signifies that they have reached this far downstream. 

Bucknell Woods was visited by David James, who saw Four-spotted Chaser, Broad-bodied Chaser and an Emperor.

The River Nene is still producing Scarce Chasers. I visited Lilford from 0700-0830hrs on Friday and recorded a couple emerging along with Banded Demoiselle. This is really a magical time to visit the river, especially on a sunny morning. We took a boat trip north from Oundle Marina to Ashton and counted over 30 Scarce Chasers, 5 mating pairs and around 20 Hairy Dragonflies along with the usual demoiselles and damselflies.

James Underwood visited Gretton weir and recorded the first White-legged Damselflies, along with Red-eyes, Banded Demoiselles, Large Reds.

Immature male Beautiful Demoiselle, Brampton Valley Way near Hanging Houghton

Emerging Banded Demoiselle, River Nene Lilford

Emerging Banded Demoiselle, River Nene, Lilford

Dew-laden female Banded Demoiselle River Nene Lilford

Emerging ma;e Scarce Chaser, River Nene, Lilford