Friday, 2 June 2017

Beautiful Demoiselles

Our population of Beautiful Demoiselles seem to be doing well so far this year, with many adults seen along the Brampton Valley Way at Hanging Houghton, Brampton fisheries (via James Underwood) and on streams in the Creaton / Cottesbrooke area (Richard Hollingum) as well as at Boughton Grange (Pete Burditt). Today (2 June), I found 12, with a 50:50  mix of males and females near Hanging Houghton, including a teneral (before first flight) female. I hunted for exuviae but couldn't find any. Still, a teneral is proof of breeding.


Teneral female

Male with loss if wing colouration

Immature male, note the reddish wings, yet to turn blue