Saturday, 24 June 2017

Small Red-eyed Damselflies appear

James Underwood reports a small number of Small Red-eyed Damselflies at a pond in Weldon, near Corby (21 June). This secies is usually the last to appear in the County, in mid to late July, however occasionally it throws a wobbly and shows in June. Whether these are migrants or locally bred is not known but when they do appear in June it is always at known sites.

Elsewhere, Southern Hawkers are emerging with adults seen at Yardley Chase, Harry's Park Wood, Bedford Purleus and Summer Leys. Emerald Damselflies are in low numbers, which again is early for June with July being more typical.

White-legged Damselflies are in good numbers now, with mating and egg-laying on the River Ise an Gretton Weir (James Underwood).

Scarce Chaser, River Nene at Oundle

Broad-bodied Chaser, Finedon Pocket Park

Oviposiing Azure Damselflies, Finedon Pocket Park

Emerald Damselfly, Finedon Pocket Park

Female White-legged Damselfly, River Ise at Wellingborough

Mating White-legged Damselflies, River Ise, Finedon

Female Banded Demoiselle, Stanwick Lakes

Large Red Damselfly, Yardley Chase