Sunday, 27 May 2018

Scarce Chaser Hunting

Early in their season, the best places to see Scarce Chasers are in woodland rides close to the river, and I have visited the woodlands at Achurch, across the river from Wadenhoe, several times and seen hundreds of maturing adults. With the weather hot and humid, I set off from the car park at Wadenhoe Mill. Several females were perched just before the path across the meadow to the bridge and posed nicely for photos. It's a fair walk to the woodland ride, but worth it when I found 30+ Chasers flying around and perched, often together in sunny areas. I also got three Hairy Dragonflies and many Banded Demoiselles. Only one male Chaser was developing the blue colouration, but he was too far in to get a shot.