Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Recent sightings

While the weather takes a damp and cool break - hopefully not for long - here are a few photos of what's around.

Twywell Hills & Dales is beginning to show, although I haven't managed to find any emerging Broad-bodied Chasers yet. I found a pair of Large Reds in tandem, many around the hedges and a single Azure Damselfly. Also, one Hairy Dragonfly flying around the meadow.

Tony Vials reports seeing  a Large Red at Summer Leys on Saturday.

On Sunday, we took a walk around Thrapston Lake where I saw ~50 Banded Demoiselle on the Nene. Also, a handful or Red-eyes and a single Hairy Dragonfly exuiva on the lake.

Male Banded Demoiselle

Female Banded Demoiselle

Male Large Red Damselfly eating lunch

Tandem pair of Large Reds

Immature female Azure Damselfly

Male Large Red Damselfly