Thursday, 22 May 2014

River Species

I managed to track down 40+ White-legged Damselflies on the River Ise near Finedon the other day and at last found a few Scarce Chasers at Wadenhoe, just before they dispersed during their maturation period. At Wadenhoe, there also were hundreds of Banded Demoiselles, a female Hairy Dragonfly and an emerging male Hairy too. I am always amazed that Hairys breed in this river. After capturing a few shots of an immature Chaser, I concentrated on the territorial behaviour of the Demoiselles and  managed some decent shots of males fighting over the best territories.

Close-up of the legs of a teneral White-legged Damselfly

Male White-legged Damselfly

Immature Scarce Chaser
Battling Banded Demoiselles 1

Battling male Banded Demoiselles 2